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Can Heart Disease Be Prevented and Reversed?

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How to Prevent and Even Reverse Heart Disease -
Without Drugs or Surgery!

"How to Prevent and Even Reverse HEART DISEASE - Without Drugs or Surgery!", is an invaluable report written by Dr Robert D. Willix, Jr., who was a former heart surgeon. The report was distributed in the form of an eBook that contains TEN chapters with a total of 178 pages.

Some of the topics covered in this report are:

  • Hands-down the best way to detect heart disease BEFORE it happens to you.

  • What to do after you are diagnosed with heart disease to reverse it and avoid surgery.

  • What every WOMAN must know about heart disease plus the 10 reasons why their risk can be greater than a man's.

  • Why you may be wasting your time struggling to eat less cholesterol.

  • Most people unknowingly sabotage the effectiveness of their essential heart medications!
    Here's how not to.

Who Is Dr Robert D. Willix, Jr.?

A practicing physician since 1969, Dr. Robert D. Willix, Jr.’s pioneering work in preventative and integrative health care has earned him national recognition as a healer, teacher, speaker and author.

Dr. Willix graduated Alpha Omega Alpha from the University of Missouri Medical School, and did his Internship and Residency in cardiac surgery at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. As the first board-certified cardiac surgeon in South Dakota, Dr. Willix started the state’s first open-heart surgery program, performed thousands of coronary bypass operations and taught at the University of South Dakota Medical School. In 1981, he was recruited to South Florida as Medical Director for Cardiac Rehabilitation and Human Performance for a major hospital district.

Yet his study of the mind-body connection and the body’s innate ability to heal itself inspired him to look at his career in an entirely new way. Seeing the potential of wellness-oriented, non-surgical integrative medicine, he left the surgical suite forever and devoted his practice to making - and keeping - his patients healthy. Convinced that bypass surgery was a "waste of time" if it wasn’t accompanied by lifestyle changes, Dr. Willix began a cardiac rehabilitation program based on nutrition, exercise and natural healing traditions. In 1993, he expanded his practice to include Ayurvedic medicine, an ancient form of natural medicine presently being studied by the National Institute of Health’s division of Alternative Medicine.

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